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Support for Satan’s One-World Government

July 27, 2009

On May 14, 2009, the evil global elite met in Greece for the yearly Bilderberg Conference. For those who don’t know, the Bilderberg Conference is an annual meeting of the Western world’s elite.  Only the most powerful bankers, economists, oil barrens, and media moguls are allowed to attend.  According to most right-wing Christians, it is chaired by Satan himself, who oversees the entire agenda.  Just to keep the Christian fanatics on their toes, the Lord of Darkness has decreed that the conferences be held in different cities each year, at which time these god-forsaken billionaires gather to hatch their next diabolical plot.

The very first Bilderberg Conference was held in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands, which is where the meetings got their name.  Despite the fact that any one of the attendees would normally garner flocks of paparazzi, not one photo or comment is ever released and not one word of these meeting makes the news.

The devout Christians who follow such things assure us that, though Lucifer himself did not attend the most recent meeting, he did send his apologies and a nice fruit basket.  His minions of global hegemony were left to carry on his evil work without him.  They seem to be doing fine.  According to the YouTube videos and conspiracy sites, these minions have orchestrated the downfall of the US dollar and the empowered the International Monetary Fund.  They also rigged the election of Barak Obama who, apparently, is a Kenyan-born Muslim sent by the Bilderberg Group to destroy America.

Not content with these evil enterprises, the Prince of Darkness has also shaken the international financial system to its core, driven thousands of Americans into bankruptcy, and prepared the way for the rise of his New World Order.

The thing is, while the Bilderberg Group may, in fact, be evil bastards bent on world domination, they are OUR evil bastards bent on world domination.  They represent the interests of Western corporations and governments.  While they may be heartless corporate bastards, they are also democratic and capitalist.  They work in opposition to other, not-so-nice groups who also strive for world domination and ultimate control… notably the People’s Republic of China and the Gulf Cooperative Council (League of Arab States).  Given the choice, I’d opt for world domination by secular, capitalist over either of the others.

Take away the fear mongering, religious myth, and paranoia and what we have with the Bilderberg Group is an elite bunch of very rich people meeting behind closed doors to secure trade routes, oil reserves, and waterways.  The bounty that the Western nations have enjoyed over the last hundred years has come in no small part from the measures these people have enacted to preserve and protect the Western lifestyle.

As communications and travel get easier and easier, the world is getting smaller and smaller.  Ideologies are clashing, and the real battlefield for ideas is in the marketplace.  Whoever has the most resources will write the agenda for the next century.  While I may not agree with every decision that comes out of the Bilderberg Conferences, I do respect the need for these people to unite and form a cohesive plan to advance Western thought through trade.  The alternative, should they fail, is for everyone in the USA to learn Mandarin or Arabic.  (The Christians better hope for Mandarin… they would not be happy to see the schools replacing their bibles with Korans.)

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