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Italian Heathens and a Preview of The Eschaton

February 4, 2009

Well, the big news is that foreign language rights to The Heathen’s Guide to World Religions has been bought up by a company called Macro Gruppo Editoriale.  They are at this very moment translating it into Italian for release in Italy.

The pope will not be happy.


After that, the book is scheduled to be released in France, Sicily, and (of all places) the Czech Republic.   It’s going to be kinda cool looking at all the copies at once, seeing my work in other languages.  Looking forward to it.

In other news…

Amazon finally has the “Look Inside ” function working for my new fiction, The Eschaton. This means people can read the first chapter or so before buying the book.


We’ve decided to run with the tag line: “Every faith believes that their god will one day return to destroy the Earth.  They were right.”

Feel free to comment on this.  I could use the input.

All of this explains, I hope, why I’ve been out of the blogosphere for most of January.  But things are calming down now so I should be posting regularly again.  Besides, the Vatican is trying to oust Pope Benny, so this is gonna be a month worth reporting on…