Steamy Hot, Man-on-Man, Gay Islamic Sex

“When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes.” ~The Hadith.

(That sounds like a good motto for a Rainbow Church in San Francisco).

[Author’s note: No, I’m not gay.  Just pissed at the Muslims.]

On Nov. 24, a reporter named Adel Hussein was sentenced to six months in jail by a court in Irbil, Iraq. His crime was ‘indecency’. Of course, this is an Islamic court, so their definition of ‘indecency’ is, by default, absolutely bugshit insane.

Case in point: Adel Hussein.

Adel is a doctor and journalist for the Hawlati news service in Iraq. Being a doctor, Adel wrote articles about health. In 2007, he wrote an article about Sexual Health. Part of this article included a detailed description of the physical effects of homosexual sex, particularly anal sex. (One immediately questions the logic of sending someone to prison for anal sex. It’s rather akin to locking up an alcoholic in a liquor store.)

“There are no gays in Iran. We do not have this phenomenon.
I don’t know who has told you that we have.”

~ President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Now, let there be no doubt here that Islam is unapologetic in it’s absolute, bigoted hatred of every gay or lesbian in existence. According to the faith, gays should all be killed  in horrible, twisted, sexual ways that would lead the witnesses to wonder about the predilections of the executioners. But I digress…

The thing is, Adel isn’t even gay. He just mentioned the fact that gay men exist, and that there was a medical opinion to be had about the effects of anal sex. Within Islam, though, this is heresy. “Gay” does not exist. Homosexual acts exist, for which the person should be punished. But there is no such thing as a person who, for whatever reason, prefers to have sex exclusively with persons of their own gender. Apparently the Islamic cable providers failed to secure The Ellen DeGeneres Show for their audience.

So, Adel’s crime was basically reporting on the sexual health of gay men that do not exist. Anal sex does not exist. Hot, steamy, Turkish baths full of naked, single men exist, but are entirely platonic.

This would all just be humorous if it were not for the fact that an estimated 400 men have been executed for being gay in Iran alone. Hundreds more are whipped, beaten, and publicly disgraced every year. I have no misguided belief that Islam will get over themselves any time soon. I don’t believe they’re going to stop believing that they and only they have the power and divine right to lead the world. But, reading the story of Adel Hussein, I just wish they’d learn to get over themselves enough to allow people to at least talk about the reality we live in instead of the fantasy world their religion provides.

Fortunately, here in the West, we are allowed the freedoms that Adel and others lack. Here ya go… knock yourselves out on Adel’s behalf:

Written by Wm. Hopper,

‘The Heathen’s Guide to Christmas’.

A Field Manual in the War on Christmas.
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The Heathen’s Guide to Christmas


30 Responses to “Steamy Hot, Man-on-Man, Gay Islamic Sex”

  1. Sisyphus Fragment Says:

    Something I find most amusing: I’m ex-military, most of my friends are still in service, some have been deployed to the middle east. All have returned claiming that the entire middle east is gay. They mention something about man-sex Thursdays, when men will walk around hand in hand with other men, kissing, committing all sorts of deviant acts. Then on Friday they go and pray it away I guess. But every one I know who has gone over there has said all the men do this, but none will admit to being gay, they just happen to have sex with other men, because women are only for breeding. It’s crazy..

    • heathensguide Says:

      Let’s see… five years of universtiy in World Religions, hands-on study at mosques, synagogues, and churches. Years of study. Written a slew of books. And yet I apparently know nothing of religions.

    • Arab Says:

      Im an arab.. and i completely disagree with this article, and with what you say.
      And here’s a littlr advice for ya.. visit Dubai, an arabic + muslim city.. then talk 🙂
      Man sex Thursday ?… lol you’re .. try googling it too.. you wont find such a thing.

      • heathensguide Says:

        Dubai is a lot easier going than Iran, Iraq, and many other Islamic countries, so you picked the best-case scenario for showing an open Islamic society. Still, straight, married couples (tourists) have been arrested in Dubai simply for cuddling on the beach together. Islam is unapologetic for its condemnation of all things sexual, especially gay sex. If they ever allowed it they would bein violation of the tenets of the faith.

    • Opponent Says:

      Another urban legend?

  2. haroon Says:

    heathensguide, first of all, you are confused b/w Islam and government. Secondly, you haven’t studied Islam are not able to view it from a objective point of view. Your are too bias and prejudice to do so for whatever reasons. And lastly, yes, Islam is unapologetic; but it happens to be most logical which is the reason that despite the reputation, the rate of people converting to Islam is the highest and it just keeps growing. Those people chose to study Islam rather than fall for what’s being fed to them. Maybe you should try it sometimes.

    Sisyphus Fragment, I have heard of something like that but your friends are blowing it way out of proportion. Yes, there are gay people everywhere, even in the Middle East. My friend is from there and he told me. But what you are talking about exists in the most poor and remote areas. Trust me, if that was, those guys would have been dead by now. Homosexuality is very much abhored by the general Muslim population.

    • heathensguide Says:

      Haroon: Try again. I studied Islam under some of the most experienced and articulate professors/imams there are. (I did my university degree program in World Religions). Oddly enough, I got a snail mail letter today from someone who bitched at me because I am too soft when dealing with the Muslims.

      You say I confuse Islam and politics. Islam has ALWAYS been politics from the time Mohamed left Taif to take over Medina. The edicts of the faith are designed to keep subservient, pliable minions for those who are in charge. The truth of it is in the name: ISLAM. It means “submission”. Supposedly submission to the will of Allah, but Allah’s “will” has always, always been in the hands of politicians. Currently we have Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Iran (Shia), but before them it was the Ottoman Empire. Before that it was the Ummayeds, and before that there was the line of Caliphs, Abu Bakt, and Mohamed himself.

      Islam is now and always has been a religion of politics and power. The stuff you may hear on a trip to the mosque on any given day is just the theological fluff. The real backbone of the faith is the power it instills in the leadership.

      And yes, Islam is unforgiving. But so am I.

    • David Says:


      To use the words “logical” and “Islam” in one sentence is hysterically funny – ‘Logic’ is completely incompatible with Islam – Islam is not founded upon the use of human reason but totally rejects reason and replaces it with fundamentalist spiritualisation and scriptural absolutism. It attracts converts from the lower levels of the uneducated masses, unlike the Roman Catholic Faith which continues to attract the best minds upon the earth because IT is founded upon reason and logic and NOT just faith alone.

      As for homosexuallity, the sooner arabs and Iranians stop pretending they are a separate species to the rest of mankind the better – homosexuallity is a naturally occuring phenomenon of the animal kingdom, no different to ginger hair or blue eyes.

      But to be frank, only a fool would accept that God asks we blindly and unthinkingly follow him. God gave us a brain and he expects us to use it…so become a Roman Catholic and join the biggest religion in the world. Islam is not the largest faith – it is TWO VERY DISCTINCT SECTS.

    • heathensguide Says:

      It doesn’t take a lot of bias to see that Islam would have most people give up a lot of their freedoms. At the very least they’d be forced to pray 5 times a day if Islam continues to garner political power. It’s also this lack of freedom that accounts for your supposed huge increase in numbers. Whole countries are DECLARED Islamic by their rulers. The people have no voice in the matter. So when you say that there are so-man-million Muslims in the world, it counts every citizen of every country that is declared Islamic, As tot he West… there was a craze of turning Muslim during the late-1990’s. It’s kind of died down now. In fact, religion as a whole has been on the decline for a long while now. Only thee political protection afforded Islam has kept its numbers growing. In a free society where no one would get killed or ostracized for leaving Islam, the mosques would be as empty as Catholic Churches are. It’ll happen though. Muslims will have their break from religion the same as the West did. It’s just going to take a few more years. [But I have a lot of hope for them in that regard.]

  3. Daniel Says:

    It looks like we’re not that free: the youtube video was removed to protect our fragile minds.

  4. nathalie Says:

    heathensguide, i’m very sorry to tell you that this is so far the most ignorant article i’ve ever read, and it is obvious that you have no background on the religion and you seem to be very biast. It is sad that there are people like u out there. I think you should consider getting to know more about the religion. Firstly islam does not allow you to hurt or judge anyone and yes there are rules against gays however if you take a look into all religions such as christianity and jewdism you will know that they all against same sex sexual acts. Secondly you should not judge the middle east without actually learning or visiting the place and yes of course there is going to be a huge amount of gay people just like any other country, gay people exist all over the world due to medical reasons or sometimes for own personal reasons. For next time please try to look at something from a neutral perspective instead of finding ways to attack it and try to have more respect to what other people believe in because if you really research islam without looking at the extremes you will find that it is peaceful like any other religions.

    • Candid Says:

      “Gay people exist all over the world due to medical reasons or sometimes for own personal reasons”
      To quote yourself…that is the most ignorant comment I have ever read. Try taking your own advice and consider getting to know more about a subject before you comment on it because you clearly don’t have a clue! It’s also views like like that, that help to fuel hate crime!

    • heathensguide Says:

      Wow… what imam taught you that Islam does not DEMAND that you judge (and hurt) others? The commands are pretty damned obvious in the scripture. Too many to cite.

      As for being neutral: I was neutral on Islam when I first studied it. But what I’ve learned of it shows me a religion that holds the local umma as a peaceful bastion of happiness, while politically and socially bullying the world to submit to their rule. To be accepting of the faith ( as you say I should) would mean accepting their quest to strike down Western thought, eliminate democracy, and instill a Muslim system world-wide because they honestly believe it is ‘best’ for the world.

      Islam could do whatever it wanted without my opposition if it didn’t force social and legal changes everywhere it went.

      So no, I am not ‘attacking’. I am resisting… and that’s what pisses off Muslims.

    • heathensguide Says:

      Amazing how many people who disagree with me naturally seem to think I have no background in religions. For the record, I do. But that doesn’t matter to this discussion.

      Firstly, If you really believe that Islam does not allow you to judge anyone, you’re woefully misinformed. Read the Quran and Hadith, then pick up a Bible and any other Holy Book that Islam accepts. You’ll see tons of commandments to kill, stone, beat, and maim people for doing things your religion does not like. It’s all about judgment.

      Second, I am NOT neutral, and will not pretend to be. Why? Because gays (and a lot of other groups) are tortured and killed every year for their lifestyles. I get the culture differences. (And yes, I’ve been to mosque many times, I’ve also celebrated Passover with the Jews, Mass with the Catholics, and Ramadan with Muslims and Baha’Is, and studied world religions at university for five years. So no, I am not ignorant of the religions and I have worked to understand them.)

      In short, I do not care what the cultural differences are. Killing and beating gays is wrong everywhere. As are child brides, slaves, and dozens of other things that are accepted in various subcultures around the world. That some people accept them as good and decent does not make them so, no matter what god they believe in.

  5. Mark Arthur Says:

    Im a gay i want to have o good lover from other country plz.give me pls.jst cntact me in this # 09392795941

  6. Fareed Says:

    I agreed Nathalie. But one more thing to be added that all religions b4 Islam are from GOD. By the time passes all religions (other then Islam) has been changed according to their priests… Otherwise Islam is the modern version of Christianity, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhism. If some one can find a very true version of all religions, will find all good things are alike. Wrong is wrong in every religion and right is right in every religion. We should talk on the things common in our religions rather fighting each others.

    Best Wishes for u all

  7. William Says:

    Not to be THAT person, but you mention the crime as having happened in Irbil, Iraq. But you quote the President of Iran. I see your article as being about Muslims in general, but Iraq and Iran are sort of enemies.

    It’s the little things, really, that give a writer ethos.

  8. Z Says:

    I realize that this is an old post but there is something that I just had to comment on. Having lived in the U.S. and the Middle East, I find your generalization of Muslims’ interpretation of their own religion extremely misleading and a little insulting to be honest. Yes, there are countries like Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia which do not tolerate nor do they acknowledge homosexuality–quite frankly it baffles me as well. However, being a Muslim myself, I feel that I should make it clear that a country’s government does not represent the beliefs of the people that it governs. Take it from me, I lived in the middle east for 18 years and your description does not even come close to matching the thoughts and views of my surrounding population. Compare it to terrorism: just because a handful of select maniacs decide that bombing the twin towers is what “god wants them to do” does not mean that the world’s second largest religion is comprised of suicide bombers. Man sex Thursday? If you’re serious–and I realize that this wasn’t the author’s comment– then you are far too gullible for your own good. I just wish that people would learn to do their research and get an idea of the entire picture before slapping a label on an entire demographic out of spite and anger when really they should be focusing on select individuals within that demographic. People these days, especially in the USA, are far too quick to judge and it is quite disheartening for those of us within those judged communities who have in fact been educated and know better. At the very beginning of your article you state: “According to the faith, gays should all be killed in horrible, twisted, sexual ways that would lead the witnesses to wonder about the predilections of the executioners”. I’m assuming you are a world religions major and have had many years of experience in a related field, yes? Surely someone who would make such a bold claim has the facts to back it up, yes? I would love to see the excerpt from the Qur’an that you extracted this information from. What you state to be ‘Islamic faith’ is nothing more than the twisted interpretation of select religious extremists within the Islamic community. To slander an entire religion based on that is, well, like I said earlier, insulting.

    • heathensguide Says:

      Ah, the many times I’ve encountered this from Muslims. Yes, I am aware that there are many, many Muslims who do not ascribe to the rigid stupidity I spoke of in this post. But you casually dismiss as inconsequential Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia (you can toss in Indonesia and other countries as well) where these things are the law. You can find many communities that are indifferent to homosexuality, but the law of the land is based on the Quran and the Hadith. Those countries that hold to a strict interpretation do, in fact, fit the profile I allude to in this article.

      In more moderate countries like UAE or Morocco, the dominant morality tends to be Arabic, not Islamic, which is more tolerant.

      I have long said that Islam is a faith waiting for its Martin Luther: The reformer who can take the moderation the people ascribe to and use it to usurp the power base. So far, this has not happened, and the power base remains strong and (yes) anti-gay. I’ve yet to meet an imam in any country that is willing to say that homosexuality is OK. If you know one, please send me his email. I’d love to interview him.

      As to where to find the gay prohibition in the Quran, 7:80 is often quoted to show that it prohibits gay sex:”Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women : ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.”

      But there’s lots in the Hadiths. Google it and you’ll see that they’re rather unequivocal in their prohibition of same-sex unions.

      Malik related to me that he asked Ibn Shihab about someone who committed sodomy. Ibn Shihab said, “He is to be stoned, whether or not he is muhsan.”
      Al-Muwatta 41 41.111

      AbuDawud said: From here I remembered this tradition from Mu’ammil and Musa: Beware! No man should lie with another man, no woman should lie with another woman except with one’s child or father. He also mentioned a third which I have forgotten…
      Abu Dawud 11:2169

  9. Z Says:

    Did you seriously delete my post?

  10. Opponent Says:

    “…Gay Islamic…”

    Isn’t that an oxymoron? Misleading headline…

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