Playstations, Sleeze, and Suicide Bombers

The War on Terror is now being described by political pundits as a cultural war between our Western value system and the “oppressive theocratic state” that the Islamic fundamentalists strive for. To fight this culture war we’re trying to kill the Taliban and the Iraqi insurgents in an attempt to “free the people of Iraq and Afghanistan”. What we are missing here is that the Taliban and the insurgents ARE the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.
If this is a culture war (and I believe it is) then it must be fought as such. I believe our culture is superior, but these people will never know this. All they know of North America is what the imams tell them and what the U.S. military shows them.

We need to start a new phase in this culture war. We need to hit these terrorists with everything we’ve got: Playstation, Hustler, Playboy, MTV, Burger King, McDonald’s. We need to drop 500,000 copies of this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition into Tora Bora. Broadcast hour after hour of CSI Miami, American Idol, and The View into the homes of every Iraqi and Afghani. We need to make sure that every Muslim extremist has a clear choice between being a suicide bomber or downloading porn on the internet. Given the choice, I say our side will win hands down.

In the real culture war, these are our best weapons. Quit pretending that we are some noble military force there to counteract the evil oppression and start showing the people of the Middle East exactly what they are missing.

You can not win a culture war with bullets. But what we are, what we really are, is a cultural force that appeals to every base desire in the human heart. Greed, lust, power, depravity… these are what made our culture great and it is what drives our free market economy. Hezbollah and the Taliban can only offer an abstract promise of virgins in Heaven when you die a martyr. We have hordes of prostitutes, billions of hours of porn, and an entire culture designed to identify and fulfill every desire in the human heart immediately. The imams can not compete with this.
I say hit them with everything we have. We can make up the financial investment later in penicillin sales.

  • This post was written by Wm. Hopper,
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