Bill Maher is a saint. You know… in the atheist kind of way.

I’ve worked the atheist talk shows and book clubs for a decade or so now. I’ve done the arguing about facts and history with Jews, Christians, Muslims, and just plain religious hack jobs. What Maher’s done, though, is pure beauty: he let the religious folks talk for themselves.

Go see this movie.


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2 Responses to “Religulous”

  1. Miambi Atheist Says:

    Nevertheless it does not follow that the testable findings of Christian biologists must differ with those of atheists. Miambi Atheist

  2. David Wulf Says:

    I loved this movie! I’ve studied most of the religions out there and just can’t find any reasoning out there. Anyways, I had to watch every part more than once, laughing my butt off everytime.The bonus stuff is even better. A definite best buy. Bill, love your stuff.

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