Ockham’s Razor

The bane of my existence:

To challenge a religious belief, you need at least one Ph.d.

To be a missionary, you need to be breathing. (Strike that. Breathing is optional.)

The net result of this is that the vast, vast majority of people are told that they “just don’t understand”, while at the same time every idiot with a messenger-of-God complex gets a free pass.

To me, it’s simple. If I were sitting at a coffee shop and some guy walked up to me with two stone tablets and told me that the writing on it was done by a god, I’d get the hell out of there. If someone told me that angels or demons were chasing them, I’d probably assume that they were off their meds.

Why is it that when we deal with the exact same situation in a history book we’re supposed to be reverent and awe struck?


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2 Responses to “Ockham’s Razor”

  1. justanotherjen Says:

    I often wonder the same thing. Jesus, today, would be considered a kooky cult leader. Noah would be certifiable. Moses would have probably been ignored because he was a loony (talking to flaming bushes and all).

  2. Carrol Pugh Says:

    Who Am I or What Am I?
    I once was a Christian, so I thought. To be a Christian, is to be Christ-like, which I wasn’t. Basicelly saying, I am lost, living in sin, and going to Hell after I die. I am so happy that I am no longer a Christian. I am now a Pagan. I no longer walk the Christian Path. I now walk the Pagan Path. I came from Mother Earth, and I will return to Mother Earth after I die. I came from another life before I came into this life, and after I leave this life, I will go into another life. When my spirit leaves this body, I will enter what is called ‘Summerland” where I will be healed and get much needed rest. I will then go unto another life and to grow more to perfection. I will continue this until I am perfect. Yes, I am Pagan. So Mote It Be.

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